The Process

A comprehensive process that involved community members, district staff, administration, and architectural experts helped establish the need for critical infrastructure projects to restore and renew our learning spaces.

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Did you know...

In a recent survey, 84% of respondents rated the quality of Big Lake Schools as good or excellent! 

Starting in early 2021, Big Lake Schools worked collaboratively with Wold Architects and Engineers to study the capacity and physical conditions of the buildings. With data prepared, multiple community meetings took place to develop criteria and review issues for prioritization and assessment in determining next steps. 

Items the group reviewed included: 

  • Physical conditions of our facilities

  • Educational needs of our facilities including enrollment, capacity, and functionality for all students

  • The needs of extra-curricular and community use of our facilities

Big Lake Schools developed task forces to assist with the planning process. 

1) Buildings and Grounds

2) Teaching and Learning, and Technology

3) Activities, Athletics, and Community

These task forces informed the Community Committee. This Committee focused on developing needs, criteria, options, and financial impacts. The Committee involved over (25) members over the course of the process. The Committee developed criteria around each of the task forces, and considered options to address and prioritize needs. Financing was also reviewed, and the potential tax impact to determine fiscal viability for the community. The final recommendations of the Committee were presented to the Board. In addition to Board discussions at various stages during the process, the Board voted to move forward with a November 2, 2021 vote, at the July 22, 2021 Board Meeting.